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DAN-SPOTTER XL Accessory Kit

DAN-SPOTTER XL Accessory Kit


The DAN-SPOTTER XL Accessory Kit makes your DAN-SPOTTER XL do more than just spot welds. The addition of this accessory package makes it possible for you to do single sided spot welding when you can't access both sides of the panel. Nail welding, washer welding and star welding are all possible to make your dent pulling jobs easier. Weld 2 different sized of trim rivets. Weld 5 different sizes of threaded fasteners to duplicate original equipment fastening of plastic splash shields and accessories. Weld patch panels in using the stitch welding head with minimal warpage and distortion. And the accessory kit also allows you to shrink panels to remove that "oil can" effect. Comes complete with the slide hammer and all the accessories you need to make your DAN-SPOTTER XL more than a spot welder.