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In today's modern body shop, a MIG Welder is a tool we all rely on to make quality welds. MIG welders have served the modern body shop well. Now the time has come to introduce a new welder to the modern collision repair facility. STRSW, or Squeeze Type Spot Welding, has been around for well over 50 years, but the DAN-SPOTTER XL puts an affordable, practical spot welder within the reach of today's collision repair facility. This tool allows you to weld quarter panels, roofs, and core supports quicker and with less finishing time than a MIG Welder.

Just like our DAN-MIG Welders, the DAN-SPOTTER XL features a solid copper wound transformer. The DAN-SPOTTER XL is a fully digital, microprocessor-controlled resistance welder. Just set the thickness of the panels you are welding and the machine selects the welding current and number of welding cycles to achieve the optimum result. It's 8000 amps of welding power means this spot welder can weld panels up to 10 ga (.125') thick. The DAN-SPOTTER XL "Pulse Welding" feature produces better results when welding through primer or galvanized panels. Our state-of-the-art spot welding gun produces 280 lbs of clamping force. The air cooled cables and spot welding gun mean you can work fast - make over 120 welds on 18 ga Panels, or over 250 welds on 22 ga panels, in 15 minutes at 8000 amps.

The DAN-SPOTTER XL is just that, Versatile! Perform double-sided spot welds with the pneumatic spot welding gun. The Spotter Accessory Kit lets you perform single sided spot welding, stud welding, washer welding and star welding for dent pulling, trim rivet welding, bolt welding and shrinking.

If you are looking for high quality, easy to use, affordable STRSW system for your shop, then look no further. The DAN-SPOTTER XL brings STRSW technology and productivity into your shop today!

  Maximum Welding Current 8000 amps
  Welding Voltage 8.6 Volts
  Electrode Pressure @ 110 PSI 280 lbs
  Input Voltage 220 Volts
  Input Amperage 63 amps
  Maximum Power 58 kVA
  Rated Power 14.2kVA @50%
  Maximum Double Sided 1/8"
  Spot Welding Thickness 1/8"
  Duty Cycle 5%
  Welding Cable Length 67"
  Input Power Cord Length 8"
           Length 25.5"
           Width 14.25"
           Height 12.25"
         Weight (Power Supply) 100 lbs