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DF-3 & DF-3S
Manufactured in Switzerland, the DF-3 is a great alternative for people not wanting the DF-3 D. Lightweight, rigid and telescoping in design this tram allows for confident one person operation. Utilizing a tape measuring system inside that reads standard and metric measurements, easily through a large window, the tram takes point to point measurement from 3 to 10 feet (950 ó 3250 mm). The DF-3 includes 2 bullet, 2 right angle, and 2 280 mm pointers, 2 cones for zeroing out larger openings, and carrying bag.

Short Measuring Tram From the same manufacturer this is the perfect compliment to the DF-3. Measuring from 1 ó 3 1/2 feet this tram takes point to point measurements in the range that the DF-3 canít. It is ideal for use under the hood and in door jams.

DF3C Measuring Tram
Affordable, accurate, and simple to use, this is a tram that anyone can own. The DF-3C locks each section as they are fully extended. If a section is not opened fully, it can still be locked down with a sectional tightening screw. Measuring from six inches to 10 feet (170 - 1000mm), this tram is extremely efficient for a wide range of uses. Three pointers and a storage bag are included.