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Combination Punch & Flange Tool

DAN-MIG Combination Punch & Flange Tool


Here’s a remarkably easy way you can make professional looking and fitting replacement panels, even in the center of large, flat panels without warpage. Best of all, you don’t have to be a highly experienced fabricator to get perfect results each and every time.

The flanger will press a 7/8” wide, .040” offset in your panel. The benefit of flanging your panel is that it allows you to perform a lap weld rather than a butt weld. Secondly, a flanged panel has significantly more rigidity resulting in less warpage when welding.

Swivel the head and the flanger becomes a hole puncher. The quick and easy way to punch holes in panels for MIG Plug Welding. Your choice of 3/16” or llCAR recommended 5/16” holes.

This labor saving tool will produce factory looking repairs requiring less finishing time, saving you time and money. Much faster than the “vise grip” style flangers. Replacement punch and die sets are readily available which means this tool will last you a lifetime. Punches and flanges in metal up to 20 gauge.

#175 - 3/16” Combination Punch and Flange Tool #171 - 5/16” Combination Punch and Flange Tool

#9407 - 5/16” Replacement Punch and Die Set
#9400 - 3/16” Replacement Punch and Die Set

#109 - Pneumatic Punch & Flange Tool — 3/16”
#117 - Pneumatic Punch & Flange Tool — 5/16”